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Course 1:
The Joys and Challenges of Diversity — Getting the Message

How do we communicate with each other effectively about health, when there are so many things that make us see and express things differently? Race, culture, gender, and socioeconomic status are but a few such factors.

    This course explores the challenges posed, why this matters, and how to effectively and respectfully address diversity, both verbally and in print.
After taking this course, participants:

  • Will have an increased awareness of the numerous factors that affect the way people from diverse backgrounds make decisions about health and healthcare issues
  • Understand the CLAS Standards Enhancement Initiative
  • Be able to name 3 things they will do to improve verbal and/or written communications with patients, clients, or consumers from diverse backgrounds

About the speaker

Janet Ohene-Frempong, MS, is President of J O Frempong & Associates. She is a plain language and cross-cultural communications consultant with over 25 years of experience in patient/provider communications. Her consulting business provides a range of communication services, including consumer research, materials development, program development, presentations, seminars, and institution-based coaching in consumer health communications.

Formerly Director of the Health Literacy Project at the Health Promotion Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania, she has conducted workshops and provided consultation on low literacy and plain language communication for a wide range of health information providers, including healthcare systems, government agencies, health insurers, medical publishers, pharmaceutical companies, professional associations, and schools of medicine, nursing, and allied health.

Ms. Ohene-Frempong is co-author of Literacy, Health and the Law: An Exploration of the Law and the Plight of Marginal Readers within the Health Care System and co-author of a chapter called Health Care for African Americans in the book Rethinking Ethnicity and Health Care.  She is a founding member of the Clear Language Group, a consortium of nationally recognized health literacy experts.

Ms. Ohene-Frempong has served on a number of boards and advisory committees. She is often an invited speaker at national conferences. She received her bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and her master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition from Columbia University.
This course was originally presented at IHA’s 11th annual Health Literacy Conference. 

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Course 2:
Bridging the Gap for Older Persons with Limited Health Literacy

Patients with limited health literacy are at considerable risk of making poorly informed medical decisions. This may be especially true for patients and their families who are planning for future medical care or who are making complex decisions for serious illness or for end-of-life care.

    After taking this course, participants:

  • Will better understand how limited health literacy can hinder informed consent and advance care planning
  • Be equipped with strategies to improve informed decision making for patients with limited health literacy

About the speaker

Dr. Rebecca Sudore is an Assistant Professor at UCSF, a clinician-researcher, a geriatrician, and a hospice and palliative care physician. She has dedicated her research program to making medical information easier for patients and their families to understand. She published the first prospective study demonstrating the effect of limited literacy on mortality in the elderly, and has shown that elders with limited literacy have greater difficulty making medical decisions for informed consent and advance care planning.

Dr. Sudore designed and tested an informed consent process for patients with limited literacy and an advance directive that is both literacy and culturally appropriate. Both interventions have been shown to benefit patients — particularly those with literacy and/or language barriers.
Even though her low-literate advance directive has been translated and widely disseminated, further research with patients and surrogate decision makers helped her realize that advance directives alone are not enough.

In 2010, she published a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine calling for a shift in advance care planning from DNR/DNI checklists to preparing patients and their loved ones for medical decision making. Her current research program is focused on designing and testing interactive, web-based interventions to prepare patients and their surrogate decision makers to make difficult medical decisions.

This course was originally presented at IHA’s 11th annual Health Literacy Conference.

Course sponsors
These courses are sponsored by Orange County Health Care Agency, Health Promotion Division, Provider No. CA0085, a designated provider of continuing education contact hours (CECH) in health education by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc.

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