This program is designed to help nonprofit or tax-exempt community organizations that don’t have funds to buy What To Do For Health books at the full retail rate.

    Nonprofit organizations that want to participate in the Nonprofit Grant Book Program need to submit this application form. Please be sure to answer all sections completely; incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Limit: 1000 books per order. If you require more books,
    please call to discuss: 800.434.4633.

    Organizations awarded books through the Nonprofit Grant Book Program will pay $5 for each book plus shipping and handling, and applicable sales taxes for those organizations located within the
    state of California. Books purchased through this program must not be resold. Teacher Training Manuals may not be purchased through this program.

    The Institute for Healthcare Advancement will review each application and respond within 7 days.


    Name of Organization (required)

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    Briefly describe your organization (include organization’s name and mission)

    Who are you giving the books to?

    How will you distribute the books (Workshops, program, health fair, give-away)?

    NOTE: Nonprofit organizations that get books under this program may be asked to submit a brief summary report to IHA stating how the books were distributed and giving feedback from the families receiving the books or the noticeable impact on the results of their program.

    Please indicate the quantity of the book(s) you wish to purchase.

    What To Do When
    Your Child Gets Sick