When you decide to translate your materials into another language, there are many considerations in addition to just making sure the words are translated correctly. When you work with the IHA Health Literacy Team, here are some of the services you can count on:

  • Our certified translators will perform an initial translation.
  • We will then back-translate your document into English, using a third party, to check the accuracy of the content and reading ease of the translation.
  • We work with cultural brokers and peer leaders in the community that match the profile of your end users, to check for cultural appropriateness and usability of the text. We’ll find the gaffes before your readers find them. (Upon request, we will come to you and work with you to assemble focus groups and individual interviews comprising your actual end users.)

Your translated documents represent you to your readers. They can create trust or they can diminish it. Work with a trusted team to ensure you are communicating clearly and appropriately with your readers.